Capping, vacuuming machine

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Capping, vacuuming machine

Capping :

A buffer zone for the cap and stopper is set, offering a high cap feeding efficiency. The unique cap picking and distance adjustment device allows for a smoother and more stable production process

The inline machine is used for capping, vacuumizing and tray loading during the production of blood collection tubes. With a high degree of integration, a small floor space, a high production efficiency, and a stable, reliable operation, this machine is popular within the blood collection tube cap editing .

This blood tube capping machine is used for EDTAK2, EDTAK3, Heparin tube capping.

Equipped with vacuum suction system to ensure capping on blood collection tube, reliable & durable.

we have machine which can be used for vacuum cap & non vacuum cap both

Vacuuming :

This equipment is used for blood collection tube vacuuming. Inside of the tube will automatically produce a certain negative pressure.

It is mainly used to pump the negative pressure in the vacuum cover, and generate the vacuum between the test tube and caps inside of the vacuum cover (Can set the vacuum level to reach the required level). Then tighten the caps through the capping device inside of the vacuum cover. It adopts patented Spring type mould rack, which make the cap not contact with tube, bring 100% uniform vacuum level for all tubes, also avoid the problems of uneven vacuum which caused by tube and cap contact.

The vacuum level setting is very easily, can be directly set on touch screen by input the vacuum value. Use PLC program control, touch screen set and adjust the corresponding technological parameters.

Adopting high efficiency vacuum pump, with high precision vacuum proportional control device. The vacuuming controlling system achieves vacuuming by curve control, then get the vacuum degree same as the required vacuuming degree.

The vacuum degree can be set on touch screen easily and accurately, the corresponding vacuum degree can be automatically set according to the altitude of user’s region. It can also be slightly amended according to the requirement.

100PCS tube vacuuming each time. Very high precision (2-5%) for vacuuming rate

Technical Specification :

15,000-18,000 pcs/h
Vacuum range
0 ~ -715
Compressed air consumption
<100L /min, 0.5-0.8Mpa
Power supply
AC 380V / 50Hz
Power 0.7Kw
Overall size (L*W*H)
2000*1200*2000 mm

The line produces chemically pretreated blood tubes for healthcare applications ranging from hematology to glucose testing to blood banking. The project schedule was emphasized to meet commercial demands for bringing these small but vital health devices to market. In addition to time pressures, the project faced technical challenges converting electrical components from foreign voltages and reprogramming the automation to meet production demands.


Radiant Industries is best in Pharmaceuticals industries for Pre-Fill Syringe Filling & Stoppering Machine, we are introducing development is Automatic Blood Collection Tubes Processing line. Very compact and elegant PLC. Based CGMP model for The blood collection tube Processing line includes tube loading, Chemical dosing, drying, stoppering & capping, vacuuming, tray loading, etc. Easy & safe operation with individual PLC &HMI control, only need 2-3 workers can run the whole line well. Compared with other manufacturers, our equipment has unique features, including overall dimension smaller, higher automation & stability, lower fault rate and maintenance cost, and etc.

The machine has function of automatic cap arranging, cap feeding, cap in place detection, capping detection. Inside of the tube will automatically produce a certain negative pressure, then automatically load tube into the tray.


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