Chief Advisor

About Dr. Satej Patel

Dr Satej Patel has indigenously developed few Natural, Unique & Innovative Products which are one of its kinds & doesn’t have a direct competitor.

Dr.Satej did consultancy from 2005 to 2015 in the areas of Agriculture, food & food commodities, food & neutra supplement, and pharmaceutical industries.

During this time Dr.Satej work on below listed task
Dr.Satej made many formulations for well-known companies, There for vast experience in phyto extract & isolation techniques, drug delivery systems, formulation development, pharmaceutical analysis, phyto molecule identification & relative application, and many more.

Also, Dr.Satej is a well-known naturopath and applies his treatment of subconscious mind power in many chronic conditions and all psychosomatic diseases. Dr.Satej gives a modern touch to Ayurveda for use to all.

Dr.Satej is the first who launch tulsi and aloe vera plant stem cell base secondary metabolite innovative formulation in the world. Dr.Satej has 15 Year experience of in direct selling/network industries with health-given products.

Dr.Satej has done consultancy from 1997 to 2005 in the area of chemical, power, and engineering industries.

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