Vision & Mission



Our mission: We care for people

Radiant Industries solutions ensure that valuable and sensitive goods such as medicines, hygiene and medical products, food and cosmetics reach people who depend on these products every day all over the world. Safely, reliably and well-protected. Through our work, we make a valuable contribution to improving health and safety and creating a better quality of life.

That’s why we do our best every single day – with great expertise, team spirit, and the commitment to solving every new challenge to the satisfaction of our customers and partners. Together we will do everything to ensure that our team is the best  And we will continue to offer attractive working conditions, a wide range of career development opportunities, and an atmosphere where people feel welcome.

Our Vision

Consistent investment in R&D is made to produce innovative, cost-effective, and efficient PFS and BCTPL. become industry leaders in the production of cutting-edge pharmaceutical machinery.

Our Aim

We export to more than  nations worldwide thanks to our customer-focused goals and continuous product quality. We constantly innovate, conduct research and development, and enhance our product line in order to better serve our clients.

OUR values

Pre-Filled Syringes (PFS) & Blood Collection Tube is a modern way to apply
Parenteral Drugs in an Aseptic manner.
Thus we ensure to provide best support with quality to our customers.


Our service

This definitely includes also problem-free, competent service. For us this means particularly the following:
  • We can be at your site as soon as possible.
     Our service staff is competent and experienced 

Our supply network is extensive and close-knit.
  • Our services are clearly defined.
With our digital services, we are able to respond to the challenges of today and the day after tomorrow, for example,

digital mock-ups and design reviews,
  • digital FATs and
  • remote maintenance and training via a digital twin of your line.

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We currently ship to more than 60 different countries thanks to our customer-focused goals and reliable product quality. To best meet the needs of our clients, we continually innovate, conduct research and development, and enhance our product line.



Quality management is the act of overseeing all activities and tasks that must be accomplished to maintain a desired level of excellence. This includes the determination of a quality policy, creating and implementing quality planning and assurance, and quality control and quality improvement.



Customer-first means the organization puts the customer at the center of organizational decision-making instead of organizing around products. In short, a customer-first strategy is just what it sounds like.



Sustainability is a societal goal that broadly aims for humans to safely co-exist on planet Earth over a long time. Specific definitions of sustainability are difficult to agree on and therefore vary in the literature and over time.


INDEPENDENT BUSINESS means a business that is not inextricably associated with another business through common ownership, affiliation, sharing of employees, facilities, equipment, profits, and losses.

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