PFS Filling Machine

PFS Filling Machine

Radiant Industries is a leading manufacturer and supplier specializing in the production of Robotic Pre-Filled Syringe Filling and Closing Machines. PFS Filling Machine.
Automatic Tyvek lid removal and inner liner removed by the robotic arm. Empty the PFS nest pick and place it on the filling station by the robotic arm.
The machine performs the liquid filling and rubber stoppering process simultaneously. The compact design of the narrow machine allows easy access to each station.
Once installed, the efficient robotic arm skillfully positions the tub below the opening station, systematically removes the external Tyvek lid, carefully extracts the inside protective film, and subsequently transfers it to a designated recovery extractable container for proper disposal.

The robot transfers the open tub onto the load belt of the filling and stoppering unit.
The system achieves sanitization of the isolator and equipment by actively vaporizing hydrogen peroxide (VHP).
The VHP approach reduces the amount of time required for sterilisation and aeration.

Phase 1 – Handling: the robot picks up the tub and positions it.
Phase 2 – The system actively looks for the peel-off corner, as scientific studies have proven that this phase replicates human hand movements.
The robot actively seeks a lifted corner of the lid, particularly if it is folded or bent, and grasps it to gently remove the complete cover without causing any ripping.
Phase 3 – Peeling: The robot efficiently and precisely removes the outer cover from the tub, handling it with care, and accurately deposits it in the designated bin for proper disposal.
Phase 4 – Remove the second protective cover from the tub: Using its reliable vacuum cup, the robot adeptly retrieves the second cover of the tub, proceeding to remove it with precision and discard it appropriately into the designated collecting bin.
Phase 5 – Handling: The robot retrieves the tub and transports it to the filing unit’s load conveyor.

We Provide a PFS Filling Machine in Chandigarh, Delhi.
For more details, please have a professional conversation with you / your team.


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